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Self-Storage Access Control and Security

Certified resellers and installers for PTI and Digitech, FAR West Technologies can provide self-storage access control and security solutions for new construction, facility expansions, and system upgrades.

PTI- security systems


  • Access Control
  • Door Alarms
  • PayExpress
  • Elevators and Lighting
  • Monitoring and Alerts
  • Remote Sites
  • Facility Communications
  • Smart Phone Applications


self-storage-security-systems-digitechdigitech international


Do you require system service or preventive maintenance? Call FAR West Technologies today.

Digital Surveillance Security Systems

Using our network cabling design and installation experience FAR West Technologies delivers advanced IP Video Surveillance Systems. Today’s Mega Pixel camera technology is providing superior images in the most challenging of lighting conditions and affordable network storage solutions combined with full-featured software provides a peace of mind your surveillance system is always operational.

self storage security systems digital surveillance

Ready for an upgrade? Let FAR West Technologies show you practical ways to upgrade your existing analog system to a high-tech digital IP system.