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Professional Services

Far West Technologies provides professional services to ensure all our system installations meet the needs of any sized project. Our In-House design service will provide the peace of mind that the system will meet current and future facility needs. We have on staff professional project managers certified by Purdue University and over 30 years of combined experience in managing both large and very large projects. Contact us to learn more about what we offer to guarantee your project is a successful and worry-free experience.

in-house Computer-Aided Design
In-House Design

Far West Technologies in-house Computer-Aided Designers (CAD) give us a unique ability to layout all communications rooms and cable pathways prior to any installation. Our staff ensures the system we design for you will meet your current needs as efficiently as possible, while taking into account future system growth. Our needs-based design process highlights Far West Technologies’ commitment to delivering you the system you need at the price you want.

project management professional services
Project Management

Project management is the key to any successful installation. A fully insured, licensed and bondable company, Far West Technologies has project managers who liaison with clients to monitor and maintain installation quality. From the initial design concept to the finished installation, our experienced staff can help throughout the infrastructure design process. Far West Technologies guarantees its work to industry standards.

structured cabling projects
Organized, Adaptable Systems

The most important aspect of your system is that it be organized to meet your IT needs. To keep your system organized post-installation, Far West Technologies utilizes our very own 5-point labeling scheme. This labeling scheme shows up at five places for every installed cable; (1) on the floor plan, (2) on the faceplate plate, (3) on a wrap around cable label at the jack end, (4) on a wrap around cable label behind the patch panel, and (5) on the patch panel.

All structured cabling projects are finalized with the delivery of a documentation package, all of your information in one place; your manufacturer’s certification, final as-built floor plans showing cable pathways and unique cable identifiers, backbone riser diagrams, copper test results for each installed cable, fiber optic test results for each installed fiber strand, horizontal and vertical rack layouts, and job site photos of each wiring closet.

High Quality Installations

Here at Far West Technologies Systems, we pride ourselves on the high quality of our building technology installations. We ensure the quality of our installs with the process by which they are designed and implemented.

  • Our systems consolidate cable-delivery methods for all your communications systems, including security, to reduce your initial construction costs.
  • Our systems provide consistency in cabling, but flexibility in vendor equipment.
  • Our systems are organized to facilitate troubleshooting by making it easy to identify, isolate, and correct problems.
  • Our systems are built to quickly and easily accommodate organizational restructuring or growth without costly outages or painful logistics.
  • Our systems are built to adapt to new technologies to enable enterprises to respond quickly and cost-effectively to changes that occur in voice, data, multimedia, and security systems.